Absolute Today is a leading strategic marketing services provider helping clients achieve increases in revenue, profit, market share and customer loyalty objective through various unique and cutting edge marketing strategies and systems.

We are a team of marketing experts, artists, web designers, writers and advertising specialists. Our experience and low overhead cost enables us to offer services that are second to none at rates that are affordable for small medium size businesses. If you are ready to move forward in growing your business, have marketing questions or would like to hear our ideas on making you more money with one of our services, call or email us today.

Search Engine Optimization

Our dedicated team of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals ensures top 10 search engine positioning on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Our SEO processes are designed according Google SEO guidelines, and we follow all white hat SEO techniques to ensure that you get the best SEO services with good business.

Successful Search Engine Optimization requires a comprehensive, customized approach based on a site's unique characteristics. The SEO project will need to strike a true balance between website's design and functionality, the searching behaviors of the target audiences, and the algorithms used by search engines to find results!

The process deployed by our team is simple and seamless and ensures top listings for your website on major search engines for industry-specific key phrases discussed and finalized by you and us together. Contact us for more information!

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Small Business Telemarketing

We specialize in the small telemarketing jobs the other guys will not deal with. Our telemarketing services are unique in the way that we do NOT operate on commission. We do not do pay for performance. We are not aggressive marketers. We provide your firm with a true CRM (Customer Relationship Management) model. We usher cold leads into warm leads for your firm. Our voice is the first impression that a potential client has of your firm and we pride ourselves in making that first impression a lasting one.

We can use leads you provide or we can help you identify a calling list. We identify 1 caller that will do all of the calling for you. All of our reps are experiences telephone sales people, who are not pushy or aggressive, yet are able to identify qualified leads for you.

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Email/Phone Marketing Databases

The key to direct marketing success is to hit the right names in the right way—and to work with the right list acquisition partner. Absolute Today works closely with clients to identify the right resources for each direct marketing campaign, including both proprietary and third-party postal mail, telemarketing, opt-in email and multi-channel lists, and assemble a customized solution that maximizes the return on your marketing budget.

At Absolute Today, we provide our clients with access to the direct mail industry's richest business and consumer lists and databases, then work with them to test list segments and measure response rates to identify the ideal market for each campaign. Each step of the way, our clients benefit from our experience with hundreds of high-visibility business-to-business campaigns, our extensive network of list managers and a level of service that is unmatched in the industry. Our databases are some of the some affordable lists on the market. Please take a look at our ever expanding list of databases here.

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eCast Email Marketing

Absolute Today's eCast email marketing software was designed and developed specifically to be a user friendly email marketing platform. eCast is completely web-based, so there is nothing to download or install on your computer. If you have Internet access, you can log on to the software and deploy your email marketing campaigns from anywhere across the globe. With full reporting and analysis for each email marketing campaign, you can see how many people viewed your message, how many people clicked through from your message to your Web site and how many people opted-out from receiving future email marketing campaigns from you. By using eCast email marketing software, you are using our bandwidth and IP addresses to deploy your marketing campaigns—there's no need to buy additional hardware or bandwidth.

Absolute Today's eCast email marketing software is simple to use, and our pricing structure is just as easy to understand. With no long term commitment required, eCast email marketing software is the right choice for your email marketing needs, as our pricing is structure provides the most cost-effective email marketing solution in the industry.

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Text Broadcasting

AbsoluteMobile SMS (short message service) text marketing is a new and innovative communication channel for businesses of all types. As wireless text messaging (SMS) has become a mainstream means of communication, reaching consumers on their mobile phones via SMS messaging has become an increasingly integral component of communicating with them. By utilizing consumer cell phones, businesses of all kinds are now able to use SMS text messages to send different types of content to customers—a coupon, promotional offer or any other marketing message.

It is brand building. Mobile loyalty will build your brand in the eyes of the customer and portray your business as being at the forefront using technology for their benefits and reward. Its also offer a bit of the "cool" factor which is not a bad thing, especially to customers under the age of 35. Click For More Information

Website Development

The future of a small business in the Internet economy hinges on the image which is projected from its website – A professional and dynamic website goes a long way in catapulting the small businesses into a higher league.

Irrespective of the size of your business, you need to have a vibrant and business-oriented website that is capable of communicating with your partners and potential customers. Your website gives potential customers, employees, partners, and others a first impression about your company and its professionalism.

Absolute Today provides an affordable website design solution so that it is easier for your business to scale up with time. Standard websites start out at $500. We can customize a site to fit your needs.

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If you would like additional information about any of our marketing solutions you can find additional information on our website or by contacting us via any of the contact methods below. Looking forward to working with you and thanks for viewing our site.

Absolute Today

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